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Saturday, July 23


Real Meaning of Cars =)

BMW - Brings Me Woman

KIA - Kills In Accident!

VOLVO - Very Old Looking Vehicular Object

The best of all =)
PROTON - Powerwindow Rosak Oh Tidak Ohh Noooo =D

OPEL: Old People Enjoying Life
TOYOTA: The One You Only Trust, Always
PORSCHE: Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything
FIAT: Failure in Italian Automotive Technology
FORD: Fail Often Repair Daily
HYUNDAI: Hope You Understand Nothing’s Drivable And Inexpensive


Saturday, November 13


Tips & Prediction SPM 2010


Saturday, October 16


Rajini Fans Climb Hill on knees for Enthiran Success – Stills

Rajini Fans climb the temple steps on Knees

The Superstar continues to create magic. It is well known that Rajini’s die-hard fans burst crackers and distribute sweets to celebrate every time any of his movies hits the Box Office. With Enthiran fever spreading across the state, Rajini’s fans here are eagerly awaiting to see their superstar in his latest avatar.
The celebrations of Rajini fans at Sholinghur, Vellore district have surpassed the usual level. The die hard fans of Superstar Rajinikanth, in Sholinghur climbed the 1,305 steps of the famous Arulmighu Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Thirukoil at Sholingur on their knees to pray for the success of Rajini’s yet-to-be-released movie Enthiran.
It was at Vellore District, over 500 diehard fans of the superstar in Sholingur town in the district — aged between 14 and 60 — took up the starstruck three-hour spiritual endeavour in Lakshmi Narasimha temple on Saturday. All they want is to see their hero’s movie have a “magnificent opening” and run for a record 1,000 days.
They also held a palabhishekam(milk ceremony) to the big hoarding of Rajini which was kept near the Sholinghur Bus Stand.
“We are not bothered about the difficulties involved in climbing 1,305 steps on our knees. All we want is the grand success of our beloved superstar’s movie Enthiran. We want the movie to create a world record by running for 1,000 days,” said N. Ravi, district treasurer of Rajini’s Fans Club of Vellore.
They also raised slogans in praise of the hero all the way to the summit. When they reached the temple, they performed special some special pooja’s for the success of magnum opus movie ’Endhiran-The Robot’ starring Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai.
Nevertheless, the fans did not forget the regular celebrations for a Rajini movie. Prior to climbing the temple steps, they put up huge hoardings wishing the Superstar besides bursting crackers and distributing sweets.

Paalabisekam to Rajini’s hoardings


Friday, October 15


Proton Inspira Is Our New Proton Waja Lancer!!

Although the official soft launch of our much anticipated new Proton Waja 2 Lancer is scheduled to be on the 15th or maybe 16th of October, flyers of the highly acclaimed car has been leaked. And do you know what our new Proton Waja 2 Lancer will be called? Can you guess? Here goes...*drum roll please*...our very first carbon copy of Mitsubishi Copy of Mistubishi Lancer EX aka Proton Waja 2 Lancer will now be officially called Proton Inspira! What a name huh! But apparently it seems that this name Proton Inspira has been coined by someone last year..

Our Proton Inspira. It is simply elegant right?

One more day, the whole Malaysia will be able to witness the unveil of the new Proton Inspira. So what you can expect from this new Proton Waja? The bad news is that for the time being there are only two colours available which are red and white. But don't be disappointed first.

1~The higher end model of Proton Waja Lancer 2.0 comes with paddle shift and advanced auto-cruise feature. The auto cruise feature is especially useful if you are well...cruising on the highway. I believe the Proton Waja Lancer's Auto Cruise will be almost the same with the one we have in Proton Exora. Besides that it is also claimed that you can expect leather seats with this higher end model.

2~Proton Waja Lancer is actually a carbon copy of the Mitsubishi Lancer EX and that explains why they look very much identical. Since it is meant to be a replacement model for Waja, everything will be the almost the same with Mitsubishi Lancer EX including their very own engines (So no Lotus Campro engine?). However a new different suspension and rim (16inch) will be used instead.

I hope Our New Proton Inspira will live up to its hype!

What about the price for our brand new Proton Inspira?
  • 1.8 Manual (RM79,999)
  • 1.8 CVT Auto (RM87,000)
  • 2.0 CVT Auto Premium (RM94,000)

From the flyer shown above, we can see that this new Proton Inspira will come with bold and aggressive styling which is borrowed stolen from Mitsubishi Lancer EX.
It seems that now even your trunk comes with a remote control.
So no more inserting your key to open your trunk huh!
Wow...this new Proton Inspira is also loaded with lots of features and the one that intrigues me the most is its Fully Automatic Climate Control.
Wow! What is this? Do you know that unlike the other breed of Protons, this new Proton Inspira comes with 5-star safety rating.
I believe it is because the new Proton Inspira is using the exact body frame of Mitsubishi Lancer.
And best of all if you were to buy this new Proton Inspira, you will get 2 years FREE servicing which include labor and serviceable parts. This deal is so crazy!

~ yuvan ~


Sunday, August 8


Amazing Accident [How God safes His people]

How God safes His people

It's a GIF file...

Please click on the image to see it..


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